Baby wear

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Hat - 95 Grey

Baby grey hat in velour with matching pom pom with bow detail with P in Swarovski ..


one piece - 20 Cream

Cream baby grow with peter pan collar and matching cuff details, 3 button opening at the front with ..


one piece - 2070 Cream / Red

Winter white baby grow with red peter pan collar, floral panel with velvet bow with P and bow detail..


one piece - 83 Dusty Pink

Dusty pink baby grow in velour with bow at the center with P in Swarovski with floral sequinned patt..


one piece - 95 Grey

Grey and Navy velour baby grow with tartan peter pan collar and front panel ..


one piece - 95 Grey

Soft grey baby grow with peter pan collar, rose panel with bow  detail and P in Swarovski..


Port-enfant - 2070 Cream / Red

Baby nest, red floral print with red velvet bows with P in Swarovski, buttons to open 100% Poly..


Port-enfant - 26 Beidge

Baby nest in beige polka dot with Red buttons and pocket detail in velour..


Port-enfant - 83 Dusty Pink

Baby nest in velour dusty pink, with floral sequined paneled detail at the front with snaps to open,..


Port-enfant - 95 Grey

Baby nest in faux fur with Pink rose floral print with bow detail at the front with P in Swarovski&n..


Discover our range of baby wear, here you'll find everything from one pieces, two pieces and matching blankets with accessories such as Baby nests to have everything matching